Workshop: Unlikely Allies

Workshop: Unlikely Allies

Partnerships between unlikely allies are an important driver of innovation: a government agency that
cooperates with a start-up to improve a service for citizens; a NGO that partners with a corporate and
a development agency to address a societal issue; a corporate that joins forces with a start-up to
prototype new business models.

Unfortunately, these partnerships are seldom easy, because everything that makes them so valuable
– differences in mission, resources, organizational cultures – can be obstacles in making them work
as well. Actually, these partnerships are somewhat like startups in the “pioneering stage”: often fragile,
based on personal relationships and improvisation; exhausting and exhilarating. That’s why they need
a structured process, strong facilitation and a supportive space to succeed.

We’d like to present our approach to building partnerships between unlikely allies and talk about the
experiences that let us to come up with it.

Join the discussion – what makes partnerships work?

Speaker: Christian Koch

Moderator: Leon Reiner

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Christian Koch (Strategy & Consultancy), Leon Reiner (Impact Hub Berlin)