Code Trading: Sanya – Door Opener in China for Global Luxury Brands

Sanya: Door Opener in China for Global Luxury Brands

Due to the economic booming and the world largest population, China is winning half of the luxury
market since 2018.
China Rendez-Vous in Sanya is a premium lifestyle exhibition featuring global top brands, including
luxury yachts, jets, cars, watches & jewelleries, fashion, home & design, up-scaled properties and fine
arts. After 9 years concrete development, the China Rendez-Vous has been recognized as the leading
show for its own in Asia in terms of the participating brands, quality of guests, on-site sales, partners’
feedback, show organisation, media attendance to daily activities. The event was also widely covered
by both local and international media.

with enjoying the premium wine of Waldulmer from Baden, you will be informed of the City of Sanya
and the 10th Rendez-Vous exhibition and explore the best way to enter Chinese market for high-end

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