Panel: Our electric mobility future

Panel: Our electric mobility future

We will be discussing the latest trends of e-mobility in a context of what happens in the Chinese market.

The goal is to help the audience understand why e-mobility is largely shaped in Asia and why this could lead to substantial disruption, enabling new business models.

Panel Topics:
– E-Mobility in China is growing rapidly and consumers start to prefer it over ICE.
– Chinese start-ups such as NIO evolve and show new approaches of mobility and innovation.
– How are multinational car companies competing in China and what will be their future challenges and opportunities?
– The unique ecosystem for innovation and e-mobility in China

Speaker: Philipp Maxilimilian Kemmler-Erdmannsdorffer & Masaru Yarime & Tilo Bonow & Marvin Metzke

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Philipp Maximilian Kemmler-Erdmannsdorffer (NIO), Masaru Yarime, Tilo Bonow (PIABO PR), Marvin Metzke (Simplemobility)