Panel: Hey city, why so smart?

Panel: Hey city, why so smart?

In books and series, we’ve gotten used to a dystopian approach to the city of the future. It’s dark and bleak as machines dominate humans. But what is the reality of Smart Cities? What advances are already making our daily lives much more comfortable, and what developments will make the megacities of tomorrow more livable and breathable for all its inhabitants? Our panelists will discuss the importance of how the Smart City, more than a utopia of the city of the future now presents itself as a reality that is helping to combat complex urban problems.

Speaker: Luis Sarre & Dr. Martin Klein & Theresa Mathawaphan & Amanda Zheng & Lu Ying

Presenter: Dr. Iris Belle

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Luis Sarre (Free Entrepreneurs), Dr. Martin Klein (SAP), Amanda Zheng (China Impact Ventures), Theresa Mathawaphan (National Innovation Agency), Lu Ying (Future Urban Living), Presenter: Dr. Iris Belle (Drees&Sommer)