Panel: Asia meets Europe

Panel: Asia meets Europe

Despite different economic and social standards in Asia and Europe the chances and challenges for startups resemble one another: The creation of sustainable innovation depends on the long-term effects and growth of economic ecosystems and how startups are able to use the advantages of internationalization in the world market, despite their (initially) small size and management capacities, for their own benefit. Asian and European experts discuss the framework conditions for a successful start in European and Asian markets and the possibilities for transcontinental cooperation.

Speakers: Christian Rickerts & Cayo Fiebig & HKelly Hyunjung Shin & Ruo-Mei Chua & Arif Havas Oegroseno & Marius Sewing

Moderation: Derk Marseille

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Christian Rickerts (Permanent Secretary), Cayo Fiebig (3B Ventures), Ruo-Mei Chua (SUTW Impact Consulting), HKelly Hyunjung Shin (Root Impact), Arif Havas Oegroseno (Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia), Marius Sewing (Awesome Capital)