Keynote: “Future-Proofing” – What organisations and enterprises need to do to stay relevant and compelling

Keynote: “Future-Proofing”

Imagine you managed to get hold of one of those nifty teleportation devices from Harry Potter. You step into it, close your eyes, and it blasts you 30 years into the future. When you open your eyes, what will you see? Who will you be? What will your daily life, work, travel and existence look like? Will you have a job, or be “employed”, as we know it today? Who would be your boss, your colleagues, your clients? How will you earn an income, feed your families, stay relevant? In this rapid tsunami of change, how do we even keep our heads level and sane? Are humans even meant to change this rapidly, and be unbroken?

For businesses, will your company still be around? With an increasingly plethora of choices, how will you stand out and continue delighting your customers- old and new? What will you need to harness the creativity of the people and resources you have?

If these are some of the questions that keep you awake at night, come and engage with our speaker from Singapore as she attempts to delve into these big questions of our times- speckled with stories and most of all, a human touch. See you there.

Speaker: Ruo-Mei Chua

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Ruo-Mei Chua (SUTW Impact)