Embassy of Sri Lanka: “Sri Lanka – a Platform for Opportunities and Cooperation”

Embassy of Sri Lanka: “Sri Lanka – a Platform for Opportunities and Cooperation”

Backed with its strategic location and natural resources Sri Lanka is on her way to transform its economy to five strategic hubs: knowledge, commercial, naval and maritime, aviation and energy. The Service sector being 56.8% of the GDP of Sri Lanka remains the largest contributor to the national economy. The Economic Development supported by peace and favourable government policies has created an environment for improved investor confidence and commendable performance. The strong economic performance in Sri Lanka has improved per capita income enabling the country to reach middle income status.

Sri Lankan government has implemented an ambitious programm to develop and upgrade the physical infrastructure of the country; including Sea Port and Airport Development, Colombo Megapolis, Development of High Mobility Road Network, Power & Energy and Telecommunication infrastructure. Investment in the tourism sector and tourism development projects also continues its further expansion in year 2018. The new tourism strategic plan 2017-2020 was introduced to facilitate Tourism vision 2025 which aims to meet Sustainable Development Goals on tourism. Accordingly, it is expected to increase earnings from tourism up to US dollars 7 billion and employ 600,000 workers in support industries.

One Stop Unit for national investment serves as a centralized promotion and the facilitation center is expected to assist potential investors interested in investing in Sri Lanka. Measures were also taken to continue well focused reforms to boost the investment savings prospects in the country.

With these positive developments Sri Lanka looks forward to become a beacon of growth and opportunity in South Asia tocontinue on its upward trajectory. Building oncountry’s stability Sri Lanka is ready to spur further growth and encourages potential investors tobe part of Sri Lanka’s success story.

Speaker: Mr. Ahamed Razee (Counsellor and Head of Chancery

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