Udit Bisht

Panel „Do we think the same? Design Thinking from an Asian- German perspective“
Thursday | May 18 | 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM
Haus Ungarn

Udit started his journey in user centered design from a start-up in Munich where he wrote his thesis on the topic of User Centred Model for Innovation for Start-Ups. There, he was also responsible for user research and testing to develop new app ideas. He then moved back to Berlin to get a formal training in Design Thinking at the HPI D-School where he worked on a range of projects from innovative spaces to HR systems. He now works as a Program Manager and Coach for professional trainings at the HPI D-School to help organizations deal with complexities coming with the demand to innovate in these fast changing times.

Udit is also the Vice President of the Berlin chapter of an international non-profit consulting organization.

His latest interests include storytelling and video editing and is currently exploring ways how he can combine both of those for trainings.