Takuya Matsutani

Keynotes: "Japan's Growing Startup Ecosystem and Open Innovation" & "Why JAPAN now? - Trustable Global Partner!"
Tuesday May 14 | 5:10 PM - 5:30 PM

Takuya Matsutani promotes global innovation by fostering collaboration between major corporations and startups. He founded Project Nippon in 2004 to build a database of over 200,000 entrepreneurial-minded people. In 2014, Matsutani launched the Innovation Leaders Summit (ILS), which has grown to become the largest open-innovation event in Asia. ILS 2018 welcomed 11,003 participants. The main program of ILS is POWER MATCHING, which is a series of one-on-one innovation meetings between major companies and startups. The number of one-on-one meetings between 100+ major corporations and 500+ startups reached 2697. As a result, they created 1026 new alliance deals.