Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gi Eun Kim

Keynote “Energy & Environmental innovation for the 4th Industrial Revolution”
Thursday | May 18 | 4:45 PM - 5 PM
Haus Ungarn

Gi Eun Kim is a professor in Seokyeong University in Seoul. At the same time she is a member of Innovation Committee in Small and Medium Business Administration in Korean Government and Green Committee in City of Seoul. In Austria she is a member of FTI Burgenland and also was a member of Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development for five years until 2015. In Korea she was a founding member of ‘Scientist and Engineers without Border’ and ‘Bioeconomy Form’. She also was a founding member for biotechnology part in Korea German Institute of Technology and Korea Germany Industry Cooperation. As a professor she has been consulting for technology transfer between European and Korean companies in the last years. Gi Eun Kim graduated as a Dipl.-Ing. from TU Berlin and holds a Doctorate in Institute of Biotechnology of TUBerlin.