Nick Begligner

To Infinity and Beyond - Application Possibilities of Blockchain
Wednesday | April 25 | 4:25 – 5:00 PM
Haus Ungarn | Kinosaal

Nick Beglinger is a Swiss economist (LSE). In 2008 he co-founded and currently runs the Cleantech21 foundation (C21). His focus area is sustainable development at the crossroads of finance, innovation, and regulation. From 2009 to 2016, Nick acted as president of Switzerland’s first green business association, swisscleantech, and thereby shaped the country’s climate, energy, and mobility policy. At COP22 in Marrakesh 2016, Nick co-founded the Climate Ledger Initiative (CLI), bringing DLT to UNFCCC. In 2017, Nick initiated the first DLT/energy lighthouse project by the Swiss Ministry of Energy, and the first five DLT/climate use cases financed by the EU’s Climate-KIC. At COP23, C21 organised #Hack4Climate, the first hackathon linked to a climate conference. Based on its success, and the growing #Hack4Climate community of IoT, DLT and AI developers, C21 started the Hack4Climate innovation program in 2018.