Marcel Münch

Keynote "10 learnings I made designing digital service experiences for Chinese users"
Thursday | May 18 | 10:30 PM - 10:45 AM
Haus Ungarn

Panel „The inner circle - How you should and how you shouldn’t start or make business in Asia“
Wednesday | May 17 | 12:15 PM - 01:00 PM
Haus Ungarn

Marcel got a background in business administration and Chinese. He studied and worked both in Shanghai and Beijing. After studying at Jiaotong University Shanghai, Marcel joined Mercedes-Benz Technologies as assistant to the general management. Later, Marcel joined the German Chamber of Commerce where he became project manager for the EU-funded project SWITCH-Asia. Marcel did his Master’s degree at City University London (Ravensbourne College) and graduated with a Master of Design Management (with distinction). After his studies, Marcel joined Berlin-based Service Innovation Labs as a Business Designer. In this position Marcel was responsible to consult DAX-enterprises (automotive, health, finance) on digitalization and new business models. Today, Marcel is CEO and co-founder of, an innovative transaction provider, which helps small and medium-sized merchants and online-retailer from Germany and Europe to sell products directly to Chinese users via cross-border e-commerce.