Eko Nugroho

Arndt Gallery - Vernissage
Friday | April 27 2018, 6 – 8 pm
Fasanenstraße 28, 10719 Berlin

Born: 1977 Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Education: 1997 Painting Department, Indonesian Art institute, Yogyakarta
Address: Studio : Plurugan 11/10, Tirtonirmolo, Kecamatan Kasihan, Bantul 55181, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Web: www.ekonugroho.or.id

Eko Nugroho’s works always have a strong expression and great conciseness, no matter which medium he adopts. Mostly photos form the basis of his projects. He translates these images into other media.

Art is also a communicative process for Nugroho. He lets others participate or be inspired and guided by conversations. Other influences for his works are street art and traditional art forms of his homeland such as carpet weaving and shadow puppet theater. His art practices soft criticism of the political and social phenomena of our modern society.