Clas Neumann

Conference Asia-Europe: Joining Forces in the 4th Industrial Revolution
Monday | May 15 | 3:30 PM
Haus der Deutschen Wirtschaft

Clas Neumann is Senior Vice President of SAP, Head of Global SAP Labs Network and Head of Fast Growth Market Strategy Group. Neumann’s strategically-integrated role supports two important SAP objectives: Enabling the FGM team to directly tap the innovations by more than 8,000 FGM Labs developers worldwide, and driving the SAP Labs Network to focus on growth in BRICS countries.

Furthermore, Neumann is also recognized for his business achievements in Asia. At present, he serves as a spokesperson for the Asia-Pacific Association of German Industries (APA), a board member of the East Asian Association (OAV) and a member of the Indo – German advisory council of the Prime Minister of India and the German Chancellor.