Alice Chan

Faster, Better, Smarter - Artificial Intelligence in Automotive
Thursday April 26 | 4:00 PM - 4:20 PM
Haus Ungarn | Kinosaal

Fireside Chat: Innovation needs collaboration (in partnership with TECHCODE)
Thursday | April 26 | 2:10 PM - 2:30 PM
Haus Ungarn | Kinosaal

Alice is a Data Science Consultant of MHP working at Porsche Digital Lab Berlin. She assists Porsche for digitalisation strategies and innovative concepts with Artificial Intelligence and collaboration with startups. Before her journey to Europe, she was an IoT Researcher at Intel, Business Analyst at Texas Instruments. She spent three years researching Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics and technical business development at Taiwan’s leading technical university, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. She founded a startup and developed an intelligent motorcycle helmet which automatically makes an emergency call. The innovation is patented and received several awards. This life-saving innovation is a good example of what motivates her work – using technologies to make a better world.