Adityo Pratomo

Bees & Digitization – Does that match?
Tuesday | April 24 | 16:00 - 17:30

Adityo Pratomo is CTO and co-founder of Labtek Indie, an Indonesia R&D consultancy company specializing in digital products. Prior to forming the company, he spent his career developing interactive applications and art installations for his client. Nowadays, he implements the accumulated learning from previous experience, to serve Labtek Indie’s client, which ranges from up and coming to startups to big, established companies, while at the same time lending hands in grooming local tech ecosystem.

For the SAMS project, Labtek Indie works together with CV Primary Indonesia (CVPI) a company that specializes in agricultural training for the public. This fits the SAMS project as we are looking to solve local bee farmers using results of previous research in smart sensors and Internet of Things. A tight collaboration between researchers, technologists, and farmers would be a winning combination for all related parties and thus, a vital factor for the SAMS project.