Asia-Pacific Week Berlin 2019

APW 2019

APW Opening & Conference on Innovation

May 13, 2019
Haus der Deutschen Wirtschaft, Breite Str. 29, 10178 Berlin

The digital transformation has expanded into unexpected fields and enabled a surprising spectrum of new use cases in economics, science, and society. It is evident that our world finds itself at a time of accelerated change. But where will it lead to?
Our goal is to shine a light on the topic of innovation from an economic, social, and political angle in order to demonstrate the status quo of current developments, but also to showcase the congruent and divergent developments in Germany and Asia. Who is ahead of the pack when it comes to innovation and using its potential? We will be analyzing the entire life cycle of innovation, from its inception to the various stages that ideas and projects go through on their way to success. How and why has innovation evolved? What are the processes behind it? How does one “do innovation“? If innovation is an umbrella term for new, unconventional changes, how do corporates and startups differ in their approach and their implementation of said changes?
When innovation is spoken of, it normally conjures up bright, positive changes implemented for the betterment of humankind. However, there are downsides or at least risks of the changes caused by a drive for innovation and digital transformation. Here we need to ask ourselves what the ethical consequences of new systems such as AI, robotics, on-demand services, or logistics are, and if we are willing to accept these consequences. Is there a code of ethics in the sciences, economics, and politics that we must adhere to, or should our values adapt to the changes we are encountering?
The one-day program on May 13, 2019, will offer a productive mix of expert keynotes, thriving panel discussions, 1:1 chats on stage between German and Asian experts, and the presentation of cultural highlights. The grand finale will be a reception that emphasizes conversations and new contacts. Within the context of the APW, the Innovation Conference fosters the internationalization of Berlin startups through their connection with Asian partners, valid expansion insights, matchmaking and exchanges between the old and new economy, as well as between the sciences, economics, and culture.

You can below see the current status of the program. We are updating it regularly.

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